Don't feel like a tour? Great! We rent Segways for any number of activities. Here are just a few:
  • Family gatherings/reunions

  • Advertising your business!

  • Bachelor/bachelorette parties

  • Birthday parties

  • Weddings

    • Make a statement, come down the isle on a Segway!

    • Grand enterances for reception- Black and white Segways available upon request.

    • Special setup for your guests to try out at reception.

    • Tours for your out of town guests.

  • Exploring new places

  • Bird watching

  • Great gift for someone else

  • Corporate events

  • Date night 

  • Team building

  • Just curious and always wanted to try one out!

  • Just to relax


*Please note, we do not do open rentals. We are flexible on where you would like to go, but a guide is required to attend your rental session.

Pricing for guided rentals
Time                      Price per Segway

1 Hour                           $55


2 Hours                         $69


4 Hours                         $119


8 Hours                         $199




We can rent up to 10 Segways at a time. Rental prices plus tax.